Freeing the abortion wounded heart…

Why Go Deeper Still?

The name Deeper Still reflects the definition and design of every aspect of the ministry. God is ever inviting all of us into a deeper place of health and intimacy with Him.

Going to deeper places of healing does not negate any healing we’ve already gained.  But it does humbly acknowledge that there may still be places in our soul that have not been made whole, and have been preventing us from walking in our full destiny in God.

The wounds of abortion can be described as systemic.  Meaning, the effects of abortion can be like a cancer in our core identity.  It gradually and even silently runs through all the organs and blood system of our whole identity and then eventually begins to manifest on many different levels.  For example, a woman who has had an abortion is not just left with an empty womb because of a medical procedure.  She comes to realize that this abortion, that was supposed to liberate her, is in reality counter intuitive to the very nature of what it means to be created as a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend, and one who influences.  Abortion now gets woven into her core identity, and with it comes all the attachments – guilt, shame, dishonor, grief, fear, victimization and so on.

For a man, intrinsic in his spiritual and psychological DNA, is the fathering instinct to protect and provide for his children.  God created fathers to lead their families to victory and destiny, not to have them sacrificed on the altar of an abortion table.  These realities only emasculate men.  Their God-given strength and courage to be a leader, protector and provider is exchanged for a passive capitulation to the demands of living in this world as a survivor not a conqueror.  This moral failure can cause him to compensate in many ways.  One way being that he becomes void of the passionate pursuit of his own destiny let alone being able to speak into the identity and destiny of his other living children.  These erected barriers also rob him of the hope of legitimate intimacy with his wife, friends, or with God.  As with a woman, these core identity issues for a man can only be restored by the God who created man after His own image.

If you are a Christian, you know that receiving forgiveness and atonement for sin can happen instantly as long as it is received in faith and with a sincere heart.  When this happens, it means that the debt the person owed for the sin committed has been cancelled and wiped off the ledger.

However, often times a woman who has had an abortion has asked God to forgive her and she usually believes He has on some level.  She then assumes that she has fully dealt with her abortion and that she has been healed.  So therefore, she wonders why anyone would even suggest that she might need to go deeper still in her healing journey.  If you ask that same woman if she believes that God delights in her and has good things in store for her, she will most likely hesitate to answer or even tear up if she thinks about it very long.

Forgiveness and atonement for our sin, is certainly one of the first steps in the journey to healing and restoration.  But there can be a journey between having our debts cancelled and walking free from shame, guilt and grief and living in the hope of restoration.

If you have an abortion wounded heart there are many ways that you’ve been crippled, whether you recognize them or not.  But as you receive healing, then you begin to experience freedom from the guilt, shame and condemnation that you once lived under.  Sometimes you don’t even know you were in bondage until you begin to experience freedom.  You then find that you can talk about things that you could never talk about before.  You can now actually say the word abortion.  You can now think about your aborted baby or babies as a person(s) that God created and as separate from you.  You can now begin to grieve your loss, and receive the Lord’s peace, knowing that you have been reconciled with your child or children and that they will be reunited with you someday.  You can now even be an advocate for life and for others who have been wounded by abortion.

The Lord can and does heal us to fully walk in freedom, joy and hope in this life as well as for eternity.  On the other hand, if I am not willing to go through that journey with Him, I won’t enjoy the freedom He wants to give me.

So, we want to encourage you to choose to go Deeper Still with the Lord today and see what He has in store for you!