Freeing the abortion wounded heart…

The Abortion Wounded Heart

Common symptoms of women and men who have experienced abortion:

Guilt Helplessness Self-hatred
Shame Anxiety Sexual problems
Fear Depression Grief
Emotional numbness Anger Accusing voices
Sadness Suicidal ideations Eating disorders
Marital stress Nightmares Obsessive thoughts
Loneliness Alcohol/drugs Hopelessness

Guilt and shame are frequently at the top of the list when you ask women and men what symptoms they are experiencing from abortion.

The enemy knows that if he can keep us in bondage to guilt and shame, we are less effective for God and His Kingdom. So the enemy works hard to cast accusations of guilt and shame at our minds to keep us in that bondage. And rather than shield off the darts of shame and guilt, we allow them to penetrate our minds and we hold fast to them, believing we deserve to live this way.

And because of this, abortion is too uncomfortable to talk about. It becomes a taboo subject. And no one knows how to talk about it, so we don’t.

Therefore, silence & secrets become the new rules that surround abortion’s aftermath.

Guilt, shame and condemnation are the guardians of his or her soul, and no one can gain entrance to that secret.

Unresolved grief is also a very common symptom of the abortion wounded heart. A real loss occurs from abortion and it is necessary to acknowledge that loss and grieve for your lost child.


Know that you are not alone in your pain. We know what you are going through and we want to help you!